Monday, April 03, 2006

Succumbing to myspace

I'd stopped by myspace before Gavin posted about it last month. As our conference youth coordinator, it would be almost impossible to at least not know what myspace was. 95% of my CCYM is on myspace. In fact, they created their own myspace group for our CCYM that I had nothing to do with and knew nothing about for a while, and that has far more members in it than our official message board has ever had. But I wasn't really interested in it.

After Gavin posted about it, I checked it out some more, took the plunge and posted my own profile, and - thrill - I got a friend request who wasn't also a family member! Within three weeks or so of signing up, I've now reconnected with several friends from high school that I literally have not seen/talked to in years, maybe 5 or more years. And I can't deny it - the thrill of logging on and finding a new-friend-request is great. I can only imagine the thrill for users younger than me.

Many have wondered about the role of the church and church leaders in myspace. Can we use it? Is it a tool for the church? An opportunity? I like what Gavin says: "i feel the presence there is important and even if we don't get off the charts commenting it is okay, because we are there." Sometimes I think we underestimate the power and importance of presence and participation.

I also took note of a myspace bulletin posted by 'Tom', the myspace creator/first friend of all - pointing out this NPR story about myspcace being used by student activists to protest proposed immigration legislation.

I have no idea how myspace might impact the church or vise versa or anything, really, at this point. I know my older brother hates it already, but other than thinking that people in their 20s and 30s are too old for myspace, I haven't heard good reasons from him yet. (Perhaps he'll reply with a blog post with reasons...) I guess we can just be here and wait and see for now.

So, make my day, and add me as your friend. Or tell me why you hate myspace. Or how you might use myspace. Or something.
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