Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Today I had lunch with one of my college students, home on break. I asked her if I could share this hilarious story with you, and she said OK.

She attends a conservative Christian college, and has struggled occasionally with the theology there. She is considering ordained ministry, and this is not a welcome career path for women according to some of her peers and professors.

She's been checking out the Christian fellowship groups on campus, and told me she attended a couple gatherings of Campus Crusade for Christ*. I asked her how she like it, and she told me that at one of the sessions, the theme was decision-making according to God's will. The leaders would propose different scenarios and ask for feedback - "what would you do?"

One scenario: A villain captures you and another individual. He hangs the other person over a pool of alligators, and says he will let the person be eaten by them unless you have sex with him. What do you do?

My student told me that the responses centered on whether or not the other prisoner was a Christian. If he/she was a Christian, it would be safe to deny the villain sex, apparently, because the other person would be 'saved' and it would be OK for them to be eaten by alligators, rather than having sex outside of marriage with a villain. But, if they were not a Christian, you must either 1) risk having sex with the villain to save the other person from eternal judgment or 2) try to witness to them before they died, so you could still avoid having sex.


*I'm not suggesting that the scenario described is something that happens at all CCC gatherings. That's just where she was.
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