Monday, March 21, 2005

Palm/Passion Sunday reflection from Daily Kos

found via The Religious Left,

this reflection: The Word For the Week from Daily Kos -

"For most of the history of the church, believers would attend services throughout the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, where they would hear of Jesus' rejection by the same crowds who had welcomed him, and of his betrayal, trial, and eventual execution. These days, though, many Christians skip Holy Week and go directly to Easter. Which is to say from triumph to triumph.

So, many churches have taken to celebrating the day as 'Palm Passion' Sunday. The stories of Jesus' suffering, traditionally reserved for Good Friday, are placed next to the remembrance of his 'ticker-tape' parade to remind the faithful that the path to the resurrection goes through the cross and the tomb, not happy, cheering crowds.

It's a useful reminder for those who seek political change in their country. Many of my progressive friends have expressed frustration lately; they'd like to see things moving more quickly against the Bush administration. They begin to despair that things will ever change in our country.

I've taken to reminding them that success and rightness are separate things; we don't do what is right only because we think it can carry the day. Thousands marched against the war in Iraq yesterday, the practical effect of which is almost nothing, especially with an administration as smug and entrenched as this one. So why do it? Because the war is wrong, and somebody needs to say so. We need to say so."

I've been feeling pretty down this week about things like: the federal budget proposal, the Senate vote on drilling in the ANWR, etc. These words really hit the spot.

Read the full reflection here.
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