Tuesday, March 08, 2005

"Making Peace" Conference

I want to direct you to this conference called "Making Peace", sponsored by Jeff Krantz and Michael Hardin over at one of my favorite preaching resources, Preaching Peace. The conference is taking place at Watson Homestead in Central New York. You can find details and registration info on their site, but here's a bit more about the event:

Real tools for living Jesus' Vision -

...of peace with Creation
...of peace with ourselves
...of peace within our families
...of peace within the Church
...of peace for the World

As leaders in Christian churches, our hearts burn for the Kingdom of peace that Jesus offered. We find ourselves in a world bent on spiraling violence. We know ourselves called to be peacemakers, but find it more and more difficult to stand against the Principalities and Powers of this world without succumbing to the temptation to become violent in our rhetoric and lives.
What Making Peace offers is a set of tools, tools to understand the growth of rage in our day, tools to resist it in ourselves and in those around us, tools to lead us out of the mob that threatens to engulf us.

What Tools?

We'll come to understand why rage and violence continue to spiral upward through the use of Rene Girard's "Mimetic Theory."
Through study of the Bible, we'll uncover the way that Jesus resisted the victimage mechanisms of his day, and learn practical methods of applying those ways of resisting in our own lives.
We will use prayer, worship, and contemplative practices to build in ourselves a habit of relying on God's sources of strength for the task of resisting violence without becoming violent ourselves.

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