Friday, March 25, 2005

all i need to know i learned from george...

ok, i know i shamelessly promote my brother's blog - hey, he and i, even from our different perspectives, think very much alike, though we express ourselves very differently.
but, anyway, do read this post of his, titled, "all i really need to know i learned from George W. Bush." as always, my brother uses more colorful language than i do....

an excerpt:
1. Mercury isn't bad for you.
2. Neither is asbestos.
3. Global warming doesn't exist.
4. The blind insistence that all votes be counted is irrational, undemocratic, and anti-American.
5. Using bankruptcy laws to assist the poor is an abuse of their original function; it's high time we restore them to their proper place as a safety net for the very rich.
6. Executing retarded people is okay.
7. Executing children is okay.
8. Deceiving the public is an inherent right of leadership. Phony news stories, pay-offs to columnists, plants in the press room and the like should be used at the discretion of the commander in chief.
9. People who buy airplanes (or have them bought for them) and use them to kill civilians are heroes; people who steal airplanes and use them to kill civilians are terrorists.
10. People who don't work and collect Medicaid, welfare, food stamps and the like are milking the system; their benefits should be cut and the churches should decide what to do with them.
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