Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Cup Of Cold Water - Meditations by Charlened Elizabeth Fairchild

Thanks for responses to my request for communion liturgies. I'll be checking out your suggestions soon. Another piece I've been using in my weekly Lenten services is a guided meditation in place of a message or sermon. I've tried hard to find good ones on the internet, and I want to point you to the site where I've found the most quality meditations all in one place:
A Cup Of Cold Water - an Index Of Devotionals, Poems and Other Writings
By Charlene Elizabeth Fairchild. Many of you sermon-writers will recognize the name Fairchild - these meditations come from the same super site Sermons and Sermon - Lectionary Resources put together by Rev. Richard Fairchild. I encourage you to check both out.

Also, again my apologies to bloglet users - the site seems to keep "un-enabling" my subscriptions, and I have to manually re-do. Sorry for the inconsistency!
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