Monday, March 14, 2005

from BushTV

found this blurb in imdb's daily studio briefing section:
"Bush TV - At least 20 federal agencies have produced and distributed hundreds of promotional news clips during the past four years, many of which have aired on the news programs of local TV stations with no disclosure of the government's role in their production, the New York Times disclosed Sunday. They include a State Department-produced clip filmed in Kansas City purportedly showing reaction of Iraqi-Americans to the fall of Baghdad, with one man appearing on camera saying, 'Thank you, Bush. Thank you, U.S.A.' Another report showed a public relations worker for the Transportation Security Administration appearing on camera as a 'reporter' describing the administration's launch of a security program as 'one of the most remarkable campaigns in aviation history.' The 'reporter,' the newspaper revealed, also 'used a false name.' Although recent articles have suggested that a handful of columnists and commentators had been paid by the Bush administration to air positive reports about its programs and policies, the Times said, 'the administration's efforts to generate positive news coverage have been considerably more pervasive than previously known.' The article also accused television stations of 'widespread complicity or negligence' and violating ethics standards by airing the clips without attribution."

Eesh. I don't know why things like this surprise me anymore, but sometimes I'm still caught off guard...
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