Friday, September 02, 2005

ordination: the paperwork

Hey blogging friends! I just came back from a few days of 'spiritual retreat' at Watson Homestead. I spent the time working on my ordination paperwork, as I hope to be ordained this coming June, and my paperwork is due on November 1st - less than two months now! I got a lot done, and I would like to post my responses to the disciplinary questions here on my blog - maybe one a day. I invite you to share your feedback and suggestions.

A couple of words about my papers:
I am always honest and up front with my thoughts and beliefs. I don't put things in there that I don't really believe. Sometimes I'd like to be more blunt and more direct, but I'm not sure what purpose this would serve other than setting myself up for a harder time at interviews!

Our conference asks for responses of about 1/2-1 page each.

Also, these source have shaped my responses - I quote sometimes directly, but these are my general 'bibliography':
Grace and Responsibility - by John Cobb
The New Creation - by Theodore Runyon
Pastor - by William Willimon
God - Christ - Church - by Marjorie Suchocki
and of course, the writings of John Wesley.

I look forward to your feedback...
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