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Getting to Know Me - A Blog Challenge

I got this 'blog challenge' of sorts from Lorna at see-through faith. Here goes!

Getting to Know Me...

5 things I plan to do before I die:
1. be ordained an elder in the UMC (hopefully a lot sooner than later)
2. pay of my student loans (probably a lot later than sooner)
3. get a ThD in Environmental Ethics
4. go on a date (Ok, I've done this already. But I mean another date. To that end, John at Locusts and Honey is trying to help me out. :) )
5. visit Australia

5 things I can do:
1. preach!
2. tap dance (not very well, but hey)
3. make vegan desserts
4. sing
5. worry

5 things I cannot do:
1. embrace confrontations and conflicts
2. give up Diet Coke for more than three days or so before I break down
3. play guitar, or play piano with enough skill to accompany, talents I covet
4. drive standard
5. beat Snood Puzzle in one run

5 things that attract me to members of the opposite sex
1. activism/social-justice orientation
2. sense of humor
3. artistic/musical in some way
4. listener
5. intelligent

5 things I say most often:
1. Please.
2. Thank you. (I was raised so well.)
3. Anyway...
4. What was I saying? I lost my train of thought.
5. Have you seen my keys?

5 celebrity crushes:
easier for me, apparently, than those who passed this to me. I don't mind confessing celebrity crushes!
1. Matthew McConaughey
2. Colin Firth
3. Taye Diggs
4. Heath Ledger
5. Paul Bettany

5 people I want to do this:
1. John (Locusts & Honey) because he is bound to have hilarious answers
2. Jim (jockeystreet) my big brother, because if you read his last post about candiru, you will know he needs something more constructive to do.
3. My friend Jason (JasonDMoore) because.
4. Sarah Dylan Breuer (grace notes) because I think she'd have fun with this!
5. Jay Voorhees (only wonder) since I've just started regularly reading his blog.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for doing this. Now I know you a little bit better :) I wonder if when I lose my keys they are with yours.

You've picked some great people to ask the questions - Rev Jay and locusts n honey ... looking forward to this :)

I love preaching too. Sometimes I wish I could 'just' be a local preacher (lay speaker) - rather than it being a stepping stone to becoming a pastor - there's so much of being a pastor that I think I'll hate. Not least those committee meetings, but when God calls ... we can but respond *here I am* *What was it you wanted* *WHAT???*

Be blessed :)
jo(e) said…
Vegan desserts? Hey, come visit me any time ....
Revwilly said…
I would suggest you add to things you plan to do before you die:learn to lead. Since you did not list it in the five things you can do. Just a thought.
Anonymous said…
Beth just to let you know I quoted you in an answer about women in ministry in my journal

(during your ordinatiions questions round up - a man, Jason, asked you about women in ministry- and you gave such a sweet answer. )

He didn't answer you so I picked it up in my blog as he's left a similar question for me too

Anonymous said…
Beth just to let you know I quoted you in an answer about women in ministry in my journal

(during your ordinatiions questions round up - a man, Jason, asked you about women in ministry- and you gave such a sweet answer. )

He didn't answer you so I picked it up in my blog as he's left a similar question for me too

Beth Quick said…
thanks Lorna! I was surprised at his comment, since it is the only comment I've ever received from him. Hm.

revwilly - not sure what to make of your comment! certainly, my list is not exhaustive of things i can do. as a pastor, i already am a leader, though certainly it is also something we all learn to do over time
DLW said…
Um, so where do you live? I'm in the northern suburbs of the twin cities in MN. In case you're desperate over that whole date thing...

Anonymous said…
Sorry, Beth. I worked at it and really did try to fill it out... but I had nothing. Celebrity crushes? All I could come up with was Brad Pitt.
Beth Quick said…
hey DLW - I'm a central new yorker, alas! but thanks for the offer ;)

jockeystreet - i know your love of brad pitt. but seriously - couldn't think of five things you are good at?? very sad...
John said…
I have actually noticed that you tagged me. You've set the bar high for me, so it's taking a while to come up with quasi-funny responses.

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