Sunday, September 04, 2005

my mom on prayer

I think this story from my mom would make a great sermon illustration, but I can't wait - it's too cute.

She and I were talking at lunch today about how busy people are and how hard it is to take intentional time to spend with God, devotional time. We were saying that we can incorporate God into everything we do, of course, but intentional just-me-and-God time is also a part of a healthy and growing faith life.

My mom told me a story: when she was little, she and a friend got caught outside in a thunder storm and were running home. They were quite scared. My mom's friend was Catholic, and she wanted to stop on the way, kneel down, and say a "Hail Mary" to make it through the storm. My mom's response? "I'm Methodist. I can pray while I run." They ran.
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