Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bishop William Willimon on Luk 14:25-33

Just reading over an article from Pulpit Resource magazine, written by William Willimon, and found his words for September 5th's readings to be right on target with what I've been thinking about lately.

On page 43 of the Sept. 5th article he writes, "Forgive me, forgive the church, for sometimes implying that Jesus will make life easier for you, will fix everything that's wrong with you, will put a little lilt in your voice, a little sunshine in our life. Chances are, he won't. He can do even better than that. He can make you a disciple. Fogive the church for sometimes being guilty of false advertising."

I wish I could quote the whole article - one of the best of his I've read in Pulpit Resource. Worth a look!
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