Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Ok, maybe it's a bit early for some of you to read a post about Christmas. But as a pastor, I already have Advent services on the brain, and I swear, my mother has been shopping (yes, you, mom!) for Christmas things since January. So, this year in my family, we're trying to be more intentional about what kinds of things we get each other for gifts. We're not quite ready to do away with presents altogether (particularly my younger brothers, who were appalled at the very thought), but we're working on things like: is this present useful? is it harmful to people or the earth? can it help people - ie - can we make purchases from local business owners or crafters, etc.? can we buy something that is organic or recyclable or helps reduce waste, etc.?
I think we may start having some alternative giving options at our church this year. At Simple Living, they have a huge section dedicated to different ways of celebrating Christmas, and they have tons of free/cheap resources specifically for local churches. Check it out! Check out also: buynothingchristmas.org
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