Sunday, September 05, 2004

Steve Waldman on why evangelical Christians love George W. Bush so much. --

Found this article from, titled, "Why evangelical Christians love George W. Bush so much", written by belief net editor-in-chief Steve Waldman. He writes:

"First, Christians feel persecuted. This idea is nearly unfathomable to people in New York City or non-evangelicals. How could they feel persecuted? The country is 83% Christian! They're always trying to impose their views on us. But many evangelical Christians believe they are despised, misunderstood and discriminated against by journalists, Hollywood, other elites, and almost anyone not in their pack.

And there is a grain of truth to their concerns. A recent poll showed that while most Americans say a candidate's religion would not affect their vote for presidency, there is one religious type that they would vote against just because of their beliefs: an evangelical Christian. (Actually there were three faith-based non-starters: evangelical, Muslim, and atheist--perhaps they should form a new coalition?) The film, called 'George W. Bush: Faith in the White House' intersperses clips of Bush with photos of school kids who had been punished for praying in the cafeteria."

Intriguing, and makes some sense to me. I find particularly interesting who we won't vote - anyone we perceive to be extreme one way or another - an evangelical, a Muslim (I think most people still stereotype Muslims as extremists, despite inaccuracy and despite attempts to correct our stereotypes through interfaith dialogue!) or an atheist - the other extreme. It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears - this candidate has too much faith, this candidate has not enough faith - but this candidate is just right....
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