Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Luke 14:25-33 from Wesley White

I was intrigued by Wesley White's take on Luke 14:25-33 on his Kairos Comotion website this week:

Kairos CoMotion Lectionary Dialogue:

"Luke 14:25-33

This section is not much different than what is reported about cultic behavior in general - a narrowing of perception to see only the chosen one. There is no cost too large to pay to be a disciple. Folks are put in the position of suing for peace from a larger, controlling ruler.

I know that discipleship is a huge issue in the history of the church and still today when folks call for solidarity in faith or patriotism or whatever.

I do wonder, however, as the Republican Convention convenes (not that it is any different in kind, perhaps only in degree, of any other cultic behavior) and congregations continue, whether or not it would make a difference for us to be disciples together rather than disciples of one mediator or another . . .

What is the choice that appears to be present in the passage for you?"

A different perspective than I've read before on this passage. "There is no cost too large to pay to be a disciple," he writes, but questions how this can turn into something ugly and harmful for us. Too costly. I'm still trying to process this perspective, but I am intrigued!
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