Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Youth, Church and Society, and a Ticket

Just recovering from a busy week.
Friday-Sunday was one of our conference youth events at Casowasco Camp/Retreat Center, and I am the Conference Youth Coordinator. This is a position I've had for a year now, and I still often feel like I'm learning the ropes, and this weekend was no exception, with plenty of glitches in things to keep me a little crazed all weekend. But, to me, the things that makes it worth doing for me are the youth and the faith they can sometimes express so eloquently when not keeping the chaperones running around after them. For example, the chair of our CCYM (Conference Council on Youth Ministries) is so often good enough to quote, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him head into ordained ministry, though he currently has other ideas. In one of his witnesses at our event he said, "It doesn't really matter to God when [our faith journey] starts, just that it does. All faith journeys start in the same place: with God." As  much as the youth sometimes push the limits and bend the rules, I am reminded that this group of nearly 100 teenagers has chosen to spend a weekend they know will be filled with keynote speaking, and small group time, and worship time, in the middle of their summer vacations. That's pretty impressive.

Monday I headed to DC for an additional member nominating committee and found out I will be returning to the General Board of Church and Society this quadrennium after all. I am very excited about that - I love working with GBCS. This was also the first time I was at The United Methodist Building, where GBCS is located. It is literally next to the Capitol, which is pretty cool positioning for our denomination's social justice/advocacy agency.

Then, last night, after driving for hours, I got a ticket for a broken headlight 5 minutes from home! Go figure...

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