Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Affirmation of Faith

I’m currently at NEJ conference, and at our service of retirement for 6(!) of our bishops, we read this affirmation of faith (no source cited, I think Bishop Susan Morrison may have written it herself):
We believe in God
Who loves us as a parent
Searching for us when we are lost,
Embracing us in our hurt,
Always looking for any reason to throw a party.
We believe in the risen Christ,
Who gathers all the lost and forgotten
Into a new community and tells them,
And us
We are forgiven, blessed and loved.
We believe in the Holy Spirit,
Who empowered the new community of followers
To share bread,
Tell stories of God’s love
And turn the world upside down.
We are a faith-filled
Blessed community.

I’m not usually an affirmation-of-faith person, at least not the ones commonly recited in our congregations, because I usually end up questioning one or two of the theological positions said affirmations put forward. But this one really caught my attention, and so I post it here today, and put it in our bulletin at St. Paul’s for Sunday!
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