Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Bishop Solomon preaches at NEJurisdictional Conference

I wanted to share a few quotes I jotted down from Bishop Solomon's sermon at Northeastern Jursidictional Conference last week.

He said, "Love is not a possession; it's an expression."
And his major points throughout:
1) "Rules are out. Relationships are in." What he had to say on this was most moving, I thought:
"Jesus was more concerned with relationships than rules . . . There is no shortage of people who are quick to remind you of the rules . . . At this last General Conference, time was spent solidifying the rules at the expense of sanctifying the relationships.Any community that is bound by legalism is not free to love."

2)"Individualism is out. Neighbors are in."
3) "Indifference is out. Responsibility is in."
4) "Literalism is out and truth is in." "Jesus is the plumb line for truth." "If you put the Apostle Paul up against that truth, even he is a little ragged around the edges."
5) "Lament is out and action is in."

Some good stuff in there! 

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