Sunday, April 27, 2008

General Conference Reflections

It has become clear to me that I probably will be unable to write any orderly General Conference reflections until I come home or at least until later this week when we move from Legislative Committees to all day full group plenary sessions. Sorry about that!

Here are some unorganized reflections again instead :) :

I am in the legislative committee called Church and Society, section 1. We deal mostly with items related to the Social Principles and their related resolutions. I am chairing the subcommittee called Environmental Justice, which is my particular passion area. I've never had to chair a committee before in a setting that requires me to lead using parliamentary procedure. It doesn't come naturally to me to do. I prefer a more conversational style of working together, especially in a small group. But the reality is that we have hundreds of petitions to address, and to act on them, the procedure is necessary to move things along in a 'timely fashion'. It has been an interesting experience for sure. I enjoy the small group work, though, because you at least get to form a little community with a handful of other delegates. With almost 1000 delegates here, it is hard to really spend time with many others.

The worship experiences have been so rich and wonderful. I will write about these in more detail later on. Hearing the bishops preach each day is a treat - some of them are just such fantastic preacher. Stand outs so far: Bishop Hutchinson (I'm not sure I've heard him preach before), and Bishop Carcano, who I always enjoy.

The work days are really getting to me. Last night, my committee didn't dismiss until midnight. Morning worship is at 8:15am. I am exhausted. I have list of things I'm meaning to do - little things like sending a certain email or even just checking my bank balance, and I'm just not finding the time (much less finding time to play my turns on facebook scrabulous!) But this evening we have some free time, so I'm hopeful to go to bed a bit earlier!

I'll try to blog again soon!
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