Saturday, April 05, 2008

Children and Communion

**Update: I had to postpone the class until next month, so feel free to keep adding your thoughts!**

Tomorrow, I'm teaching a class to children about communion.

What would you want children to know about communion? What would you share with them?

I don't ever remember *not* taking communion. My grandmother made the communion bread, and I loved receiving communion just to have a piece of that bread! My little brother, at about age 4, when having some of her bread at a non-communion time, remarked happily, "These are the bones of Jesus!" Young eucharistic theology.

Part of our United Methodist theology of communion is calling it a Mystery. Like many parts of our theology, whether it makes us comfortable or not, we've decided it is best to admit we don't know exactly, don't have exact answers. What happens in communion is a holy mystery. Maybe children are more comfortable with mystery than adults are sometimes!
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