Thursday, April 24, 2008

General Conference Blogging

Ok friends -

I am trying to get a quick post up before my battery dies!

Things have gotten off to a crazy start for me personally - I had a flat tire on the way, and then I couldn't check into the hotel for hours, and ultimately they told me they didn't have a room for me at all - they'd overbooked. Ugh! Very long story very short, I've finally gotten my hotel room today.

So far: We've had opening worship, approved the rules, heard the episcopal address, the young people's address, some reports, and the laity address. This afternoon we'll break into legislative committees for the first time. I have a lot of notes I'd like to type up, but here are some first thoughts:

  • There are crickets in the convention center that seem very attracted to my delegations' section of seat.
  • One presentation (sensitivity training) used clips from NBC's The Office rather effectively.
  • The awesome music team, led by Mark Miller (from Drew), led us in singing "Sanctuary" to Dave Matthews Band's "Crash," a detail I'm not sure many people here noticed!
  • Bishop Huie spoke yesterday in opening worship about how we fail to be known by our love as first century Christians were. Can we at least be known by our hope, she wondered? What do we mean when we say, "I hope so"?
  • Bishop Palmer has a beautiful voice.
  • Celebrating communion together is one of my favorite things we do.
  • Bishop MaryAnn Swenson gave the GCFA report today and made it exciting
Ok. That's it for a quick update. Check out the methoblog for other GC live reflections, and I will try to post again at the end of the day!
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