Saturday, June 16, 2007

Celebrating Graduates...

Next Sunday, like many churches will sometime this month, we are celebrating our graduates at St. Paul's. Since I am down and out with my cast, I am suddenly looking for ways to include the graduates more in the service than we might usually - as in include them in more hands-on ways.

In my church growing up, we gave out scholarships, and had a special breakfast, and gave graduates a chance to say what their future plans were during worship. The sermon usually was specially-focused as a message to the graduates that applied to the whole congregation too. There, and at St. Paul's, graduates have been included as readers of scripture, or ushers, etc., on the day of celebration.

How do you celebrate graduates at your church? How do the graduates participate? Do you have any ideas to include graduates more fully in the service? Any resources I might check out?

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