Thursday, April 07, 2005

MD Legislature: the anti-Wal-Mart

check out this post, over at The Liberal Mind.

an excerpt:
"MD Legislature: the anti-Wal-Mart
The government in Annapolis has passed legislation which will require all corporations employing 10,000 or more employees to either (1) spend at least 8% of their payroll on health benefits or (2) put the money directly into the state's program that provides healthcare for the poor.

What it comes down to in Maryland is that 4 employers (Wal-Mart, Giant Food, Johns Hopkins University, and Northrop Grumman) employ 10,000 workers or more. Hopkins, as a not-for-profit institution only has to cover 6% under the legislation. And both Giant and Northrop Grumman already meet the 8% requirement for their employees."

Sounds like an interesting in-the-right-direction bill to me, but the article quoted suggests a good chance of it not making it all the way through. alas!
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