Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Gutless Pacifist: A Modern Creed

found this: A Modern Creed via The Gutless Pacifist, attributed to R. Vallet, Congregations at the Crossroads:
"A Modern Creed -
I believe in my income and Standard of Living, maker of pleasure on earth. And in Things-I-Own and Things-I-Want-To-Get, which are conceived by desire for possessions born of a regular paycheck, suffered under monthly payments, then glorified, cherished and admired. They descend in their value, but on a future day I'll acquire some more, ascending in my status, 'til I sit in quite comfortable retirement, from whence I shall come to enjoy them all without end. I believe in my home or apartment, my comfortable automobile, my vacation with pay, my insurance for life, the satisfaction of my wants and a bank account ever increasing. Amen. [based on The Apostles' Creed]"
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