Friday, April 29, 2005

Appeals committee reverses church trial verdict in Stroud case

Many of you will have already heard that the Appeals committee has reversed the defrocking of Beth Stroud. Check out the UMNS article here. Follow this link for the actual text of the verdict/findings.

I'm not sure what to make of it all. I strongly suggest reading the verdict in full - it explains it much more clearly than a lot of the blogs and such I've seen so far, especially from those who disagree with the results. But for my own thoughts?

On the one hand, i am very wary of the appeal going this way on a errors of law - i fear the consequences this will bring in General Conference 2008 - i fear that this will encourage conservatives to seek for even more definitive and restrictive wording than there already is. With my whole heart and faith, i wait for the day that general conference changes positions on human sexuality, and i am confident that this day will come. This way - through an appeal - is not how i want it or see it successfully coming.

However, I understand the desire to see justice served (which is how i believe the liberals/progressives would view the 'intent' of the verdict, even if others don't see it that way) even if it has to be done in ways of finding loopholes. Sometimes you feel like that is the only option, and that it is better to get justice in a last-resort way than no justice at all. Just a thought. Of course, it all hangs on whether you think it is just or unjust to begin with to keep people who are gay and lesbian from ordained ministry...But that's how I think the argument plays out, at least for me.

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