Wednesday, January 19, 2005

wrestling with angels: via deep calls to deep via correction

I found this 'parable'/story via deep calls to deep, via correction:

I said, “I am out of strength. I am going to stop fighting now.”
The angel stood up, without a bruise. I was out of breath; my lungs hurt; my bones felt like they were on fire.
“Why were you fighting with me?” the angel said.
I rolled over onto my back, aching all over. “You were in my way,” I said. “Don’t be coy.” I turned my head and spat blood.
“Yes, that.” The angel lifted a bit off the ground. “That wasn’t a good way for you to go. My job is to help you find a better path.”
“What if I want to choose my own path?”
“It’s your choice.”
“If I go there now, you won’t try to stop me?”
The angel smiled. “I can’t stop you. All you have to do is walk around me.”
“I tried.”
The smile faltered. “Now who’s being coy?” the angel asked. Its bright wings fanned with just a trace of anger. “You didn’t try to walk around me; you tried to push me out of the way.”
“So? What’s the difference? What does that mean?”
The angel hovered close to me and whispered in my ear. “The law of love does not allow us to bless wrong turns.” It began to turn away, then stopped and added, “You know that we love you when you take the right path; but sometimes we love you more when you fight.”

just food for thought... not sure who authored, but good stuff anyway.
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