Monday, January 17, 2005

from Sunny Florida

I'm writing briefly from sunny Florida this week, where I'm working with a Volunteers in Mission team from my conference on hurricane relief. I just couldn't leave my laptop at home though, so here I am, compulsively blogging!!
What's been on my mind?
Why do we like to do these mission trips? I've heard a lot of people talking about feeling great knowing that they are helping others. And it does feel good, to accomplish something, and see the gratitude from people who really need help. But it reminds me of a debate I once had with a college friend - he argued that we only do things to please ourselves. All our actions, even those that benefit others, are for our own pleasure, deep down. I argued that surely this was not true of all actions, though I also must admit more truth to his statement than I would like. And of course there's also the Friends episode where Phoebe and Joey debate much the same issue. Is doing something for others selfish or selfless?
As I'm here this week, I hope to focus in on the why of being here, and hope that while helping others, I can help myself, not just to make myself feel good, but through living in service and discipleship.
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