Saturday, January 08, 2005

Equipped for Every Good Work with Dan Dick

This weekend I spent an overnight along with other conference leaders for a Spiritual Gifts Workshop presentation by Dan Dick, of the General Board of Discipleship. His presentation is based on a book co-authored by Dick and his wife, called, Equipped for Every Good Work.

Overall, I really enjoyed the weekend. I've done Gifts Inventories before, but this one was more in depth, and tied things together instead of just doing a survey and leaving it at that.

Some highlights:
In the teacher-disciples model, disciples can someday become teachers. But in a shepherd-sheep model, "a sheep can rarely become a shepherd." We should be mindful of how our models of leadership can or can't be empowering.

Burnout: "when we force square pegs into round holes, asking pastors to minister in areas where they are not gifted."

Giving: "People gifted in giving see their gift not as a solution but as seed."

We have structure-based churches - we keep the same structure and feed people into different roles, recycle them through the structure.

Something I really found interesting is that Dick and his wife/co-author studied Spiritual Gifts in the denomination and did up statistical tables by jurisdiction as well. The results were almost identical across the jurisdictions, despite the differences we like to give ourselves. Overall - our denomination priorities "inward tending gifts" or "self-tending" gifts, like teaching, administration, etc., while Evangelism, Apostle, etc., - these outward reaching gifts were toward the bottom of the list across the denomination, in the United States. Central Conference results, however, showed much more outward-turned results.
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