Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Trinity Sunday Musings

So Explain It To Me (Prov.8:1-4,22-31;Ps.8;Rom.5:1-5;John 16:12-15)

I found this article, by Mary W. Anderson, through a textweek link while preparing for my sermon this Sunday. A good paragraph:

"At the age of three I had a memorable experience of the three-in-one, I was watching my grandmother sleep during her afternoon nap. As I contemplated her existence, I thought wisely, "That's Grandmamma, Mamma and Odelle." She smiled in her sleep as I called her by the names used for her by her grandchildren, her daughter and her husband, Three names, three relationships -- and yet the same person. Amazing!"

I'm struggling with the variety of events at church this Sunday: Trinity Sunday, Peace with Justice Sunday, 4 superb scripture selections, Communion, Confirmation. I don't know where to start. That the doctrine of the Trinity is hard enough for me to grasp much less convey to my congregation is just icing on the crazy cake this week. But I appreciate this metaphor to grandma, mother, wife, without over analyzing its theological correctness, because I think the illustration gets at the heart of the Trinity. The Trinity is about the wonderful amazing complexity and thoroughness of God relating to us. I can't understand how God does it, but I'm grateful nonetheless, that God is in me, around me, working through me, creating me into this life that I am.
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