Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Check out this link, and consider signing on. The ad shows a handful of religious leaders from different faith groups in the US apologizing for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. You can endorse the ad by signing on.
United Methodist Bishop Melvin Talbert, who is extremely active in ecumenical relationships on behalf of the UMC, is speaking in support of this initiative, (though not officially on behalf of the UMC, lest people get all excited...)
On a side note, did you know George W. is United Methodist? He won't meet with United Methodist leaders, but I noticed that he did 'meet' via videoconferencing with the Southern Baptist Convention this month. Go figure.
Anyway, people of faith have struggled with how to respond to the war. I was just talking this afternoon with a youth from my church about questions about war/military service, etc., and she expressed to me how confusing it can be for her to even keep the facts straight, much less figure out how she stand on various issues. But I think when it comes to these abuses that have been taking place, people of faith should be able to stand together and with confidence. So check out the site (It's even a non-partisan group.), and maybe add your name!
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