Sunday, June 27, 2004

John Cobb's Response to Prisoner Abuse in Iraq

Check out John Cobb's Response to Prisoner Abuse in Iraq
John Cobb, a favorite theologian of mine, writes an excellent article on the Center for Process Studie's website
A quote: "But the deeper moral issue is that of basic national policy. If we want to pursue American economic and political empire, the price will be the creation of a global system in which American atrocities will multiply exponentially. Indeed, in many places we will find that we, like Saddam, can only prevent popular terrorism by using state terrorism." - This makes me think of a communion liturgy sometimes used by one of my professors at Drew, Rev. Dr. Traci West. She would speak of how "on the night [Jesus] was given up" and crucified as an act of "state-sponsored terrorism."
Who defines terrorism? The terrorists or the terrorized?
Cobb also addresses the issue of culpability, and suggests fault must be found much higher up than with individual soldiers...
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