Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oops... December I fell while I was running at the park. I hurt my ankle pretty badly, but, that night I was hosting the UMW Christmas party at my parsonage, and so I didn't go to the ER or anything. I just figured it would get better.

A month later, the ankle was still causing a lot of pain, and every time I tried to run again, I would make it about 60 seconds before it hurt too much. I got X-rays. The X-ray showed some spurring on my ankle, but nothing serious.

I visited an orthopedic surgeon. He sent me to physical therapy. I've been doing that twice a week, without seeing much change.

My orthopedic surgeon sent me to have an MRI. I got the results finally today. I have, among other issues, a fracture, spurring in two places, a torn tendon, and lots of fluid buildup.

Oops. Guess I should have gone to the ER that first day. Not sure yet what treatment will be now, but I have a bad feeling that some sort of surgery may be involved.
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