Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eco-Justice Notes

A few eco-justice related items of note:

Did you read this article from CNN about the report of the Panel on Climate Change? The report highlights that of course, it is the world's poorest that will be most impacted by climate change. Most disturbing about the article though is that the document got to be edited by "government negotiators" who toned down anything that sounded too extreme. That sounds objective and accurate, right?

Earth Day is in a couple of weeks, and in the United Methodist Calendar, that means Festival of God's Creation Sunday is also in a couple weeks. A worship resource (and many other resources) from the Eco-Justice Network of the National Council of Churches can be found here, and a page from GBOD about Festival of God's Creation is here. You can read the resolution that created this God' Creation Sunday here.

If you are a Young Adult (22-40) interested in Eco-Justice, you can apply for the NCC's Eco-Justice Fellowship program. Applications are due Monday. The program is meant to train and support emerging eco-justice workers, and looks pretty cool. I talked with Adam Bray, who works in the NCC program (and was the coordinator of the Eco-Justice track at Ecumenical Advocacy Days), and he said that they are trying to select a more diverse group of young adults this year, especially those engaging in or hoping to engage in eco-justice work at the local church level.
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