Friday, January 12, 2007

My Favorites Posts of 2006

A while back, Gavin asked methobloggers to submit their 5 favorite posts of 2006. I'm a little behind on the project, but here, finally, they are (in no particular order):

1) The Season of Giving - this was my December post reflecting on love languages and how and why we give.

2) All Saints Day and Heroes, which I am cheating in counting as one. In this post-pair, I first reflected on who we consider hereos and what standards we have for them, and then I shared my own 'hero list' that I used to keep in junior high. This was particularly fun because one of the individuals on my hero list stumbled onto the post and got in touch with me. I was glad he knew that he had an impact on me!

3) Reflections: GBCS Fall Meeting, Part 3 - My last reflection set from the fall meeting, where I shared a slam poem from methoblogger and cool person Kristina Gebhard. I also talked about my split personality - devoted institutional UMCer and young person wondering if the church is relevant and meaningful to the kingdom of God.

4) Mark Driscoll, Mainline Churches, and the Numbers Game - A response to a blog post by Mark Driscoll about how crazy liberal women are killing the mainline church. Incidentally, I just read an article in Relevant Magazine where Mark is one of the respondents to a set of questions about the church. He is so venomous in all his answers - and I'm not just saying that because we're not on the same thoelogical page. The other respondents included folks like Rob Bell, who I also differ from a great deal theologically. Driscoll just seems ready for a fight all the time, ready to throw out hurtful words at anyone who does not 100% agree with or support him.

5) Time and Stuff - This post is part a review of the book Not Buying It, by Judith Levine, but is also a reflection in general on my/our inability to focus on what matters and not get caught up in the ridiculousness the pace of what we are supposed to do/like/buy/etc.

There were a few others that would be honorable mentions in my mind, but these were the favorites.
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