Monday, May 15, 2006


Sorry for the no-post week. Just haven't been in a writing mood this week I guess. I'm getting over being sick, and my voice is still MIA. I guess my blog-voice was MIA this week too!

Last week, we had a district clergy day with our Director of Congregational Development. We talked about a variety of things, but one of the topics was the process of evaluation for clergy by/with the staff-parish relations committee. Laurent suggested a model of evaluation that wasn't about the SPRC telling the pastor the critiques rounded up from the congregation, but instead, working together with the pastor to understand the pastor's quarterly ministry goals, and then evaluating progress on the goals to see how the goals can be achieved if they haven't been. A more collaborative process that is about effective ministry, not about criticizing an individual.

Have you been part (as pastor or as lay member) of an evaluation process? What does the process look like in your congregation?

Ministry is a hard place to always measure "results" - Lauren encouraged us to be very specific in setting our goals. Don't just say, "I want to grow our Sunday School." Say, "I want to grow our Sunday School by ____ number of new attendees." I think this is a good strategy. Ministry is mostly a job where nothing is ever really "done" as in nothing is every complete - ministry is always ongoing, of course. But personally, I find the "never done" part of ministry sometimes overwhelming. Perhaps being more specific about goals will help give a better sense of forward motion!

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