Monday, February 20, 2006

Checking In and A Question: Healing Services

Checking in from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Yay for wireless internet, both at the camp and the church where we are staying.

We had our first full day of work today, in Pascagoula. Initial impressions can be deceiving - there is not as much wind damage - things knocked over (at least in Pascagoula) - as I saw when doing clean-up in Florida last year, but there is much more water damage. So many homes just completely destroyed. We spent all day today on one house, tearing down paneling, door frames, etc., since everything is becoming overrun with black mold. All the work must be done with respirator-masks. Huge piles of 'garbage' which used to be people's homes and possessions.

I have a feeling my body will be very very achy in the morning.

And now a question for you: This weekend, I will be leading a healing service at my church. I've led a healing service before, but want to know if you have ideas/resources/good or bad experiences in healing services that you'd be willing to share. I'm trying to put the service together while I'm down here, and I can use extra help to make my planning time shorter than longer!
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