Sunday, August 28, 2005

community animal project: veg fest

Today I went to Community Animal Project's first Veg Fest in Syracuse. Walked around a bit, and heard Howard Lyman speak, the 'mad cowboy' you may remember from his appearance on Oprah in the 90s, when he and Oprah ended up being sued by the cattle industry in Texas for comments about beef and mad cow disesase.

If found him to be interesting and sometimes funny, for the part I got to hear (had to leave early for a Bible Study) - the thing he said that stuck in my head, which he said in reference to being vegan/vegetarian - he said that we are "billboards" and that our actions should draw people to ask us questions. Then, when people ask us questions, we have to be ready, prepared with answers that they will actually listen to.

I actually used a similar idea once for a children's sermon that I found on a website (sorry, I don't remember which, just know the idea was a borrowed one!) Talking to the kids about how they are walking billboards for Christianity.

If you were a billboard, what would you say? Is what you think it would say the same thing others would say your billboard said?
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