Saturday, August 27, 2005

children's sermon: Exodus 3:1-15

I keep meaning to post my children's sermons, but forgetting, or (gasp) figuring them out so late I think it is not worth posting!

This Sunday I'm preaching on the Exodus 3:1-15 passage, about Moses, God, and the burning bush.
I'm going to ask the children what it means to be grounded, and if they've been grounded before. Then I'm going to ask if the know what grounded means in the other sense: 'sensible', 'firmly planted on earth' etc.
Then we are going to talk about holy ground, and where holy ground might be. How all ground can be holy because God is everywhere, if we are ready to see God.

That's the basic plan, anyway...
Plus I think I'll go barefoot, since I've got a good excuse to!
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