Monday, May 23, 2005

Zion's Herald

So, today I read Zion's Herald magazine - somehow I got an issue in the mail - I think because I used to suscribe to The Other Side, which is no longer.
Anyway, I liked the magazine overall - some really provactive intriguing articles. I especially recommend this article (you can only read part online without subscribing) by John Robert McFarland, in which he suggests it is time for the UMC to call it quits and for its members to go their separate ways. I'm not saying I agree with McFarland - I don't, though in moments of discouragement I do - but he writes a good article, and the magazine also includes several well-written responses to his article.
Also well done in this issue:
An article about what Jane Goodall is up to these days and
A story on how the witness of Archbishop Oscar Romero lives on
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