Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rex A E Hunt site - sermons and liturgies from a progressive perspective

I want to recommend to you this site, home of Rex A E Hunt. I found it via The Text This Week, and primarily use the liturgies section when putting together my church's bulletin each week. I'm always struggling to find liturgies that are both 1) something I actually agree with theologically and 2) compelling and meaningful liturgically - not just reading words out loud. I find that I can usually find something at Rex's site.

About his liturgies he writes:
"While fairly traditional in shape, I try in my liturgies to be very careful about language, images suggested, and the flow or plot of the liturgy. When invited recently to write about my worship style I said: "A name for the style of worship I am most comfortable with is a blending of traditional and contemporary - which I call contemporary liturgical. It seeks to use contemporary language and Australian images in an inclusive way through metaphor and story. The involvement of others each week in the presiding at worship, with a printed liturgy, is essential. Colour, symbols, candles, inclusive language and story, all shape the liturgical experience".

In short: the weaving of story (what we tell) and ritual (what we enact) are ways we make sense of our world. Liturgy is not about the past, but life in the present. And the "outward expression in... worship should parallel the inner course of the experience of worship" (Vogt 1921/29:152)."
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