Friday, December 12, 2014

A Sung Communion Liturgy for Epiphany Sunday

A Sung Communion Liturgy for Epiphany
(Tune: IN DULCI JUBILO (“Good Christian Friends, Rejoice”))

Good Christian friends, rejoice with heart and soul and voice!
Lift your hearts unto the Lord. Praise! Praise! Praise our God forevermore!
Radiant star that shines so bright: Jesus Christ, the world’s light!
Praise God evermore! Praise God evermore!

We’re in Your image made; to us this world You gave.
Yet, we turned our hearts from You. Woe! Woe! Set against the good we knew.
Still Your love remained steadfast. You beckoned us to walk your path.
Jesus lights the way! Jesus lights the way!

To table we’ve been called: Come one, come now, come all!
Here we share the feast of grace! Love! Love! Here, for everyone a place!
He breaks the power of cancelled sin and darkness quenched, the light pours in.
God-with-us revealed! God-with-us revealed!

Hosanna in the highest! Hosanna in the highest!
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord! Joy! Joy! Prince of Peace, Living Word!
Blessed be the child who comes in God’s name, the Promised One! 
Praise God’s holy name! Praise God’s holy name!

The night Christ was betrayed to us this meal he gave.
First he took and broke the bread. Life! Life! At God’s table they were fed.
Then he shared the loving cup. Forgiving us, he raised us up.
“Feast, and think of me. Feast, and think of me.”

Remembering these mighty acts, to You, O God, we offer back
Holy, living sacrifice: Thanks! Thanks! Full of joy, commit our lives.
We proclaim the mystery: Christ died, but rose in victory.
Christ will come again! Christ will come again!

On bread and cup outpour Your Holy Spirit, Lord.
Make these gifts become for us Christ! Christ! We, his body, him, our life.
By this meal we are redeemed and by this grace we are set free.
Jesus makes us one! Jesus makes us one!

Prayer after Communion:
The dark to light gives way, Bright Dawn of all our days!
Journey with us as we leave, Star! Star! People of the Star are we!
Now we travel other roads to shine Your light where’er we go
Overwhelmed with joy! Overwhelmed with joy!

Text: Beth Quick, 2014.
First stanza text: 14th Century Latin, John Mason Neal, translator (1855.)

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