Sunday, June 14, 2009

Farewell Party: "We're Really Gonna Miss You"

Today was my 2nd to last Sunday at Franklin Lakes UMC, and also my farewell party after worship. The congregation got me this gorgeous print of a work by He Qi, who has become one of my favorite artists with his beautiful pictures of scenes from the Old and New Testament.

The choir also sang me a song, "We're Really Gonna Miss You," written by member Roy Meyer, and sung, naturally, to the tune of "I Don't Know How to Love Him," from Jesus Christ Superstar:

We're really gonna miss you,
Rev. Beth, you should know this:
We've been blessed, you are the best!
Yet it seems like only yesterday
Since you have joined our nest.

We're really gonna miss you,
For you not only preached here,
But you sang in Chancel Choir.
Plus you sang those gorgeous 'Mary' parts
From J.C. Superstar, the besty by far.

We were so concerned when at first we learned
That Rev. Dave would leave us after twelve long years
But then you entered all of our lives,
Easing all our fears.

Then there's the extra service
Eight fifteen Sunday mornings.
Plus the time you always spent
Meeting at Panera's Restaurant
To get to know us all, was heaven sent.

We have never seen such creativity
For the Children's Sermon every Sunday morn.
These are the things they'll never forget.
You should be so proud!

Then, there was your devotion
To the slides you created,
To enhance your messages.
Seems we'll ne'er forget what we have learned,
We truly pray for you 'the very best'!!!

Thank you, friends, for a wonderful and thoughtful time this afternoon!

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