Sunday, August 03, 2008

jockeystreet posts

My brother just wrote three very good posts on the same day.

Nuts and Bolts is a post about pacifism - how nice it is as an ideal, but how difficult it would be to practice completely. (For Jim at least...!)

And Everywhere Marked with Crosses is a post about good people and suffering and how they usually go together.

And my favorite, because I lived through it as a 12 year-old watching her brother go through a lot of changes very quickly, is The Lost Religion of Jesus. It turns out at the end to actually be a bit of a book review, but is more entirely about how my brother went from a conservative Christian to a then, at least, pretty angry atheist during his freshman year of college. Makes you wonder about the power of our choices and decisions and how sometimes such small events can impact our lives in huge ways. I always wonder what would have happened if different choices in life had been made. Characters in The Chronicles of Narnia often wonder this too, but Aslan always reminds them that no one can ever know that. You can only decide what you will do now.

Good posts, worth your reading.
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