Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day

Ah, today is the kind of snow day that applies to (most) adults as well as lucky children, because there is just SO MUCH SNOW! My mailbox is covered. I couldn't open my garage door for all the snow piled against it. The church steps are buried. The amount of snow dropped on Central New York this past week has been phenomenal. Even still, I am about 45 minutes away from places like Oswego County, where a state of emergency has been declared because of the 100+ inches of snow. I am enjoying my snow day - I did make it over to the church - I live next door - but the feeling is definitely of a relaxed, easy-paced day. But do keep in your thoughts today those who are working or stuck working double shifts, those who are without heat and power, and those who are without food and shelter in this crazy weather....

This picture is of the steps into St. Paul's:

This one is of my parsonage, with me taking the picture from the church steps. Believe it or not, that expanse in between is supposed to be our parking lot!:
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