Friday, January 20, 2006

Prayer Stations

Here and there I've mentioned that this fall my congregation started a second worship service on Saturday evenings. We've had attendance of about 15-20 each week, and growing into it. We have some folks who are new to the church, some who were members but hadn't been coming to worship, some who come now to both services.

It is more 'contemporary' than our Sunday service, in that we use The Faith We Sing, I preach from an outline instead of manuscript (eek!), and we use guitars and piano instead of organ. But the intent was mostly just to offer a second worship time. The different tone is just by default (or the Holy Spirit!) But it has a more meditative, contemplative quality because of the smaller size. I really enjoy it - the spirit and atmosphere.

So, the setting makes it a prime arena to try some new things with worship. We had a blessing of the animals service this year, a covenant renewal service, etc. Now I've been looking into a "choose your own" prayer station model. I've looked around online, and gotten some - inspirations. I particularly love the images/thoughts here at pomomusings.

But, most of my congregation has never experienced worship in this way (your typical central new york congregation) - thoughts on easing in? Ideas about prayer stations? Suggestions? What would you have at prayer stations? How would you help people feel less uncomfortable at a first-time experience like this?

Update: Jamison shared this great link with me with complete descriptions of several prayer station, on Wes's Crosspoint Fellowship site/blog
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