Thursday, November 25, 2004

"Apocalypse (Almost) Now"

My friend sent me this article from the New York Times, which talks about the popular Left Behind series. Very appropriate given this week's Advent 1 lectionary text! Check it out:

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Apocalypse (Almost) Now

Published: November 24, 2004

"If America's secular liberals think they have it rough now, just wait till the Second Coming.
The 'Left Behind' series, the best-selling novels for adults in the U.S., enthusiastically depict Jesus returning to slaughter everyone who is not a born-again Christian. The world's Hindus, Muslims, Jews and agnostics, along with many Catholics and Unitarians, are heaved into everlasting fire: 'Jesus merely raised one hand a few inches and . . . they tumbled in, howling and screeching.'
Gosh, what an uplifting scene!"

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ChesapeakeBlue said...

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I mistakenly had a conversation with my father in law on the topic of Christianity, and he imparted to me his view that everyone not saved is going to hell. This is a very nice man, not a raving ax-grinder, albeit a little conservative. I was shocked (and somewhat disappointed) by his inability to be at all troubled by the fact that his God would burn anyone and everyone, no matter how good or decent, who did not apply his specific creed, and that his God would be tormenting nearly all of mankind for all eternity. I cannot reconcile these images in my mind-an otherwise fine person who worships a torturer. Any insights would be appreciated!

A Progressive Christian