Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Wisdom from Helen Fielding

Just finished reading Helen Fielding's (Bridget Jones author) latest book, "Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination." That's right, it's not even out in the US yet, I ordered it on EBay. It is, like her other works, great fun, but I didn't expect to be quoting it on this site!
But I came across this passage near the end (ignoring gendered language):
"The corruption of the good by the belief in their own infalliable goodness is the most bloody dangerous human pitfall. Once you have conquered all your sins, pride is the one which will conquer you. A man starts off deciding he is a good man because he makes good decisions. Next thing, he's convinced that whatever decisions he makes must be good because he's a good man. So you've got Bin Laden hitting the Twin Towers and Tony Blair invading Baghdad. Most of the wars in the world are caused by people who think they have God on their side. Always stick with people who know they are flawed and ridiculous." (pg. 260-261, UK version)
An interesting little bit of theology . . .
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