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two things

two things borrowed from Dylan's blog -

1) follow this link to put your pin on my google map, which lets me see where everyone is from who reads my blog or visits my site.

2) Try this fun meme - type your name into google and the word "needs," and blog the top ten hits that come up. According to google, this is what "Beth needs":

1- Beth needs a considerable raise in salary.
2- Beth needs it so it will be done.
3- Beth needs people.
4- Beth needs prayers.
5- Beth needs a job.
6- Beth needs a first-floor bedroom.
7- Beth need your vote
8- Beth needs to stop it already with the lies.
9- Beth needs to realize she has a problem.
10- Beth needs cash and agrees to go deep undercover.

What a great online life I'm leading...!


Anonymous said…
Well Beth I tried it. This is what I got.

1-Keith needs you!
2-Keith needs to burn in hell.
3-Keith needs repetition of directions for tasks.
4-Keith needs reminders about time limits.
5-Keith needs no introduction.
6-Keith needs to stop being such a mean guy. He doesn't seem to care about others and the only thing on his mind is getting lunch time over with!
7-Keith is asking for help and he quite probably actually needs it.
8-Keith needs this album to make their collection complete
9-Keith needs little encouragement to slip the surly bonds of earth at the controls of his trusty Cessna Cardinal.
10-Keith needs to lead - anyone who questions is wrong.

I should have known better than allow myself to try something like this from a liberal Blog! LOL.

Have a great day.
Jason D. Moore said…
Here's mine... (I didn't use a couple that repeated or didn't make much sense.)

1. Jason needs to SHUT UP...
2. Jason Needs Your Help
3. Jason needs to eat according to a controlled carbohydrate meal plan.
4. Jason needs to die already - he
is the reason Smallville sucks so much. (Sorry about that...)
5. Jason needs to diet because he has become too fat. (Harsh...)
6. Jason needs to respect personal space when meeting new people. (I try to...)
7. Jason needs a real woman, not a little girl. (How true...)
8. Jason needs
to carry his pitch fork and he is off for a fun filled evening.
9. Jason needs 2 stop acting like he is such a P*I*M*P* (I didn't think I was...)
10. Jason needs to remain in therapy.
Willie Deuel said…
Okay, I Googled "willie needs" (in quotes like that) and here are the first ten that popped up. These are way bizarre!

1. Willie needs 31 pts. for title.
2. Willie needs additional water with the rabbit food.
3. Willie needs a siggie-wiggie.
4. Willie needs to get laid.
5. Willie needs to display a little more of an edge.
6. Willie needs his last name on his answering machine.
7. Willie needs either a little kitty friend or a pet of his own!
8. Willie needs a better bench coach.
9. Willie needs our help today to
claim victory in December.
10. Pastor Willie needs a way to
sell the crosses that he & others at the GATE have made for fundraising.
Shane Raynor said…
1.Shane needs balance in his life.
2.Shane needs a lot of time to build trust with adults.
3.Shane needs to shed a few pounds.
4.Shane needs to go down to 147 pounds.
5.Shane needs people around his business that don't do drugs and drink.
6.Shane needs someone sensitive who'll make him feel safe, secure and well loved.
7.Shane needs a home with a structured environment,as Shane does not do well with changes.
8.Shane needs to smarten up or he is going to have an accident happen to him.
9.Shane needs to find another line of work.
10.Shane needs drug rehabilitation.

Andy B. said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Andy B. said…
I deleted my last comment by accident. Long story ...

Anyway, what I had said was that this google game was very fun! One of mine said, "Andy needs a BAD girl to find his focus."
Hmmmm ....
(Call me,)
Andy B. ;)
Anonymous said…
This is my first post to Beth's blog. Here are my top 10 needs from google.

1. Angie needs an agent to become an actress.
2. Angie needs a global block again.
3. Angie needs help to correct her eye problem.
4. Angie needs beads.
5. Angie needs some self-esteem and self-love so she can make her romantic decisions from a strong standpoint and not on neediness.
6. Angie needs to be confronted.
7. Angie needs to start making good movies.
8. Angie needs to recieve both emotional and substance counseling.
9. Angie needs to whup that boy of hers into shape in preparation for his upcoming law career.
10. Angie needs a hat.

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