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I stumbled across this website looking for something else: Eartheasy I really like it - it's subtitle is "ideas for sustainable living." With subsections of 'live', 'play', 'grow', 'eat', 'wear', and 'give', the ideas suggested here for sustainable living are sometimes so easy, it's hard to use excuses to get out of doing what we know we should for God's creation. In fact, many of the ideas, while doing lots for the environment, also are money-savers for home-owners and utilities-payers, so it really is a win-win situation. Check it out!

Annual Conference

Just returned from North Central New York's Annual Conference . Have a few thoughtful words from our bishop and our guest speakers that I thought I'd share here. Our focus this year was stewardship, an important issue indeed! On May 21st, Rev. Ronald Wenzinger was our guest preacher. He said "stewardship is about how much of what God has given us we dare to keep for ourselves." What a great way of putting things into perspective. He also reminded us of the goodness of all creation. "God made it, and it was good," and asked us, "what are you doing with your gift?" Bishop Fisher gave her episcopal address that night, rousing as always. She said, "Church work is not singing in the choir, working at the spaghetti dinner, maintaining the church building. Church work is making disciples! We are not open to be a country club. We are not open to be a rotary. We are open to be the church of Jesus Christ." At the ordination service,

Where've I been?

I've been out of touch for a bit, which drives me crazy. I hate letting things get behind. But I spent one of my two weeks of vacation at the United Methodist Church's General Conference 2004 . I had the fun of snagging some media credentials and working for our conference newspaper, Connections. Copied here are my reflections from General Conference from our North Central New York Annual Conference Homepage : First person: My thoughts on General Conference 2004 by Beth Quick Four years ago, I served as a lay delegate to General Conference 2000 in Cleveland, Ohio, and the experience was life-changing for me. I was just about to graduate from Ohio Wesleyan University with my pre-theology degree. I had been accepted to Drew Theological School, where I would begin my Master of Divinity degree. I was closing one chapter in my life, and preparing to begin a whole new part of my path as I was seeking to respond to God’s call in my life. In the midst of all this came Genera